Monday, September 12, 2016

Red Warrior Camp's Cody Hall bond hearing Monday

By Red Warrior Camp
Censored News

The North Dakota media is going to try to vilianize leaders of the movement to stop the pipeline. Cody Hall is no agitator. Cody is led by the same spirit that moves all of us to uplift our people, protect our water, our sacred sites and spiritual ways for all of humanity. Cody has stood his ground in a peaceful way. Peace does not back down. Cody's bond hearing is tomorrow, Monday, Sept. 11, at about 9 am CST at Morton County courthouse. From here on out you all be very careful to protect your identity. Do not agree to any illegal activity in the presence of anyone. Be wary of provocateurs who incite unlawful activity. Guarantee you they are trying to build conspiracy cases. This is how it goes. Firearms and violence will derail this whole movement. We all agree there's no place for that here. We must be unbreakable, unbribable, unsnitchable. Facial recognition each time we go thru the "info points." Do not travel alone.


Anonymous said...

If all of us never use oil products or support the oil industry, we can win this battle with trueness. Overstand our part in this.

Britt Long said...

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